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Soft Washing For Your Fairfield County Property

G's House Washing is the professional soft washing company serving the seaside community of Milford, Connecticut. Our Milford local professionals provide prompt and reliable service, protecting your home exteriors and roof with soft washing.

House siding is very susceptible to damage. Vinyl siding is brittle and breakable, especially if it's old, while wood siding like clapboard is vulnerable to mold, mildew, and fungus.

Soft washing protects your home by removing all contaminates from the siding while protecting the surface of the materials. Experts in pressure washing also know what eco-friendly products to use and how to prep your plants and shrubs for the job. We treat each job like it was our own family and home.

Leave the backbreaking chore to the professionals at G's House Washing. Pressure washing can do as much damage as cleaning in the wrong hands. If incorrectly used, pressure washers can etch stone pavers and even cut skin. Expert pressure washing from G's House Washing guarantees the right tools and the right to know-how for each job.

Fully licensed and insured, our experts will take all care when at your home and leave no trace when we are finished. In these uncertain times, knowing you hired the right crew for the job is liberating. For expert soft washing in Milford, call us 203-362-9172.

House washing with our expert soft washing method is only one of our many services. We also do pressure washing, driveway cleaning, roof cleaning, and gutter cleaning.

House washing

House Washing

Our reliable soft washing method uses low or no pressure washing to remove grime and stains from your house, leaving your house better than when we found it.

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Gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

We remove all debris from your gutters to protect your roof from water damage. Cleaning gutters is an essential part of your routine maintenance.

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Roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Expert pressure washing removes all mold, mildew, fungus, and other contaminants from your roof. We use a select low or no pressure method to protect your roof from structural or water damage.

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Tips And Articles

Exterior Cleaning Tips & Articles

Cleaning your home's exterior is essential to remove unsightly stains and improve your home’s value. Siding materials take an expert to thoroughly clean and protect your house surfaces, so hire us today!

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  • Professionals Save The Day And The Driveway

    Pressure washing can do more harm than good in the wrong hands. Using the wrong nozzle, using too much pressure, or lingering in the same spot can all damage concrete driveways, sideways, and patios. Don't use your driveway to learn what not to do while pressure […]

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